Digicel continues to provide innovative technology for its customers with the introduction of a personal phone backup solution, allowing both file storage & back up to ensure customers never lose a photo or contact ever again.

Date – Digicel Fiji has introduced another market first innovation named ‘Digicel Space’ which allows its mobile phone users to store pictures, music, video and other personal files in a secured space online, that bypasses their smartphone or tablet. Everyone is talking about ‘cloud’ storage, and now every Digicel customer in Fiji has access to it.

Cloud storage is a service model in which data is maintained, managed and backed up remotely and made available to users over a network (typically the Internet). You will never lose a contact or a picture on your phone ever again, with these being safely stored within ‘Digicel Space.’

With Digicel Space, users can create an account, login and start uploading their precious photos and favourite tunes. Digicel Space removes the need to delete items to make room, instead storing them in the Cloud. Users can also download and share their files on social networking sites with ease once stored on Digicel Space.

Digicel Space is accessible and affordable to all Digicel smartphone and tablet users. The application is available on Google play for download and use.

Digicel Fiji’s Commercial Director, Mr. Andrew Skelton said “We are excited to have introduced this new product to our customers and believe Digicel Space will eliminate that frustration customer’s face when they lose or break their phone. As with most items these days the distress is over losing the photos and data stored on the device. Digicel Space directly addresses and solves this issue.”

When installed users will need data on their devices to access, store and share their files.


For more information contact:

Satish Narain

Public Relations and Sponsorship Manager

+679 7012300

satish.narain@digicelgroup.com or www.digicelspace.com 



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