Don't lower your expectations to meet your performance


The best outstanding participant for Traffic Investigation Course was awarded to Mrs.Shireen Lal (pictured first on the left) of Totogo Traffic Center.

Mrs. Lal was totally proud to take the trophy and encouraged all to perform to the best.

“I have learnt lot things by attending this course; I can handle traffic laws, Traffic management and Traffic prosecution well “.

“This best dux trophy for me means a lot and has motivated me to set standard to my daily work”.

“To all the female officers I want to tell you that gender does not matter at all, you just have to be honest with your work, have knowledge and set standard of responsibility”.

WPC Laisa Yalimaiwai was very happy to take the award as scoring 2nd highest mark for this course.

“Always put God first in your life and you will see changes in the way you perform.”

WPC Yalimaiwai said that sky is not a limit for anyone and everyone should always be eager to learn new things and gain as much knowledge as they can.

While it was a surprise for PC Ashneel Lal who came from Rakiraki to be awarded the 3rd highest mark during this course.

“I have learnt a lot of things and it was so challenging to be present for this course, gaining knowledge is something that no one can stop and to those that have attended this course go and share what you have learnt and practice it from your heart in order to perform your very best”.




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