FEO Participates at the Fiji Showcase 2015


The Fijian Elections Office [FEO] is once again participating in the Fiji Showcase 2015 event. Fijians are most
welcome to visit the FEO’s booth and take advantage of the services that would be provided by the FEO team
at the Vodafone Arena.
The main aim of FEO’s participation at the Fiji Showcase 2015 is to provide an opportunity to newly eligible
voters to register and get themselves on the National Register of Voters.
Voters who can register include:
Any person who is a Fiji citizen and has reached the age of 18. To be registered, the person has to present
any of the following:
1. Birth certificate, or
2. Valid passport, or
Valid ID card such as Driver’s license, FNPF card, FIRCA/FNPF Joint card, valid Social Welfare card or a valid
work ID, Student ID The teams will also be issuing replacement of EVR cards at the booth as well as allowing
Fijians to update their details such as change of address.
Apart from voter registration, a quiz competition has been organized by FEO for Fijians willing to participate
and get themselves in a draw to win prizes. This would enable Fijians to enhance their knowledge and
understanding in relation to the electoral processes.

Press Release

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