Spend Wisely At 2015 Fiji Showcase


With the Fiji Showcase 2015 starting this Friday, the Consumer Council of Fiji is urging consumers
to be prudent when spending their money – be frugal.
As consumers will be paying an entry fee (as well as for parking) to enjoy this annual trade and
entertainment show, we encourage them to take advantage of the sale and discounts but watch out
for goods which may have expired, nearing expiry or are damaged. Some retailers use such
opportunities to dispose of old stock and restock their stores.
It is important that consumers are aware of their rights and responsibilities while trying to take
advantage of the specials and bargains offered at the venue. Consumers should know that goods
sold during trade fair shows can be returned or replaced if the product turns out to be faulty or
defective. Consumer’s right to seek redress remains intact at all times.
It is easy to be seduced by low-priced items but consumers are advised to look for real bargains and
not items which may be selling at reduced price because it is close to expiry date, is of poor quality,
and have no back-up service or spare parts.
If you plan to bulk buy an item which may be nearing expiry, it will be wise to share the purchase
with another family/neighbor/friend so that the item is used before the expiry date and your money
is not wasted.
Consumers must be cautious, critical and smart as they shop at the showcase. A responsible
consumer will not indulge in impulse buying.
The Council is also reminding consumers to demand for receipts no matter how busy the place is.
Receipt is the evidence of your purchase in case you need to return or exchange the product.
Traders participating in the show case should be equally responsible and honest.

Ms. Premila Kumar
Chief Executive Officer
Consumer Council of Fiji

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