Fiji Police Maritime Unit enforce Environmental Emergency Declaration.


Maritime capabilities are now being utilized to monitor and enforce the Environmental Emergency Declaration.

From Monday 5th January, officers from the Fiji Police Maritime Unit have been deployed on the FPB Uciwai where a number of fishermen and members of the public were asked to refrain from using the waters declared as restricted areas as per the Declaration.

This included picnickers on Nukulau Island who were made aware of the declaration.

Tuesday another maritime capability was deployed with an enforcement team as well as officials from the Taskforce who conducted tests along the restricted areas.

The FPB Tualesia and FPB Uciwai have been deployed for the duration of the Environmental Emergency Declaration and officers from the Maritime Unit will continue to conduct checks on a daily basis.

Meanwhile no one has been arrested as officers on the ground at this point in time have been issuing warnings to those found in the restricted areas.

However if they do come across situations where there is resistance they will enforce the regulation and people can be arrested and could find themselves facing a fine of up to $2,000 or a 12 month imprisonment term.




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