Fiji to take on New Zealand in the Cup Semifinal


Fiji scooped a narrow win to the cup semifinal after defeating the home team USA in the quarterfinal, 21-19.

USA’s Zach Test scored the opening try of the match to start their lead, later with a conversion from Folau Niua, 7-0.

Jasa Veremalua managed to level the score for Fiji at halftime, 7-7.

The game heated up in the second half, after Ilai Tinai scored another try in the first minute to stretch the lead for Fiji, 7-12.

USA came back after Luke Hume scored another try, followed by a conversion from Niua to level the scores with Fiji, 14-14.

Veremalua continues to amaze the crowds by setting up another try for Fiji, scored by Jone Vota, and later concerted by Tinai, 14-21.

Hume scored another try to help his side, but wasn’t successful to catching up to Fiji after they missed their last conversion.

Meanwhile, New Zealand defeated Canada in their Cup Quarterfinal, 17-0. In the Bowl Quarterfinals, Spain defeated Portugal, 12-0. Argentina defeated Uruguay, 24-0. England defeated Australia, 26-21. France defeated Kenya, 21-17.

Fiji will play New Zealand at 7.32am tomorrow in the first Cup semifinal.

The Cup final will be played at 10.25am.

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