Fiji will be unstoppable: Cama


Fiji will always be unstoppable, despite of not having the presence of two key players in their side as they proceed to the cup semifinal tomorrow, says New Zealand Captain Tomasi Cama.

Speaking to the Jet Newspaper after their match against Canada today, Cama said, Fiji not having Cakau to play will not make any difference.

“As they always say, if Cakau is not playing, there will be another Cakau in that team,” he said.

Cama said the game will be a challenge for their team.

“It’s going to be a big challenge for us, some of the new boys haven’t played Fiji at this level, so it’s going be tough but we are looking forward to challenge,” he said.

Cama also said he is proud of his team’s performance so far.

“The matches were tough, all the pool games n quarters against Canada, we lost alot of experience boys through injuries, alot of young and new boys in the team now and they are doing well, I’m proud of them,” he said.

New Zealand will play Fiji at 7.32am tomorrow in the first Cup semifinal.

The Cup final will be played at 10.25am.

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