Fiji’s first cash deposit ATM launched

A cash deposit ATM has been introduced by the BSP Financial Group Limited (BSP), providing valuable access to yet another self-help banking service. Bank of South Pacific Fiji branch after launching cash deposit ATM updated on its website under media and news announcement for general public to be alerted on the new self – help banking service.

“This self-help cash deposit ATM is operational 24/7 and enables BSP and other Bank customers to deposit funds into any valid and active BSP deposit account,” stated Haroon Ali, the country head of BSP. The menus of the ATM, which were created in Fiji and are easy to use, guide our customers through the process of making a transaction. The fact that funds are credited immediately to the recipient’s account is another useful feature.

“We are eager to convey this fee free service for the people who like to try not to visit the branch for cash deposit transaction. As long as an active receiving BSP deposit account number is entered, the transaction can be completed with or without a BSP debit card,” added Mr. Ali.

In order to lessen any potential dangers associated with providing such a service, the Bank has set transaction limits on deposits. “With security measures in place to safeguard customers, this Cash Deposit ATM accepts all Fijian currency notes (i.e., $5, $7, $10, $20, $50, and $100). These include daily transaction value limits and limits on the number of Fiji currency notes accepted per deposit, Mr. Ali stated.

In order to guarantee that funds, reach their intended recipients, customers are reminded to enter the appropriate account number. Mr. Ali continued, “We encourage the depositor to enter a narration that enables recipients to track it easily and conveniently.”

This instant cash deposit ATM can be used by BSP customers and the general public wishing to make a deposit into any active and valid BSP deposit account.   The ATM, situated on the ground floor of the BSP Suva Central Building is easily accessible and very user-friendly.

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