Fire destroys house in Lautoka

National Fire Authority (NFA) responded to a property fire incident yesterday afternoon in Lautoka which partly destroyed a double storey residential property at the MN Naidu Road in Lautoka.

At 1746hrs, NFA Lautoka received the fire call and immediately responded to MN Naidu Road. Upon arrival at 1752hrs, the fire team saw the top flat of the double storey house on fire.

Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire in the top flat and stopped it from spreading to the bottom flat.

Investigations have revealed that the occupant slipped in the process of entering the Kitchen area as a result of the slip Kerosene Stove which was being used to cook food fell to the floor starting the fire which destroyed the top flat.

Only one occupant was in the top flat at the time of the incident he was cooking food and he was able to get out of the house with the help of the tenants in the bottom flat.

NFACEO John O’Connor is again reminding home owners to take extra care in regards to fire safety at home.

“Home owners and members of the community must be mindful of fire safety while using fire ignition sources at home such as candles, kerosene lanterns and during cooking.

“Candles, prayer diyas, and kerosene lanterns should be placed properly in a safe place on a metal surface and must not be left unattended.

“Members of the community are also advised to ensure that they check their property thoroughly and ensure all possible fire ignition sources are totally put out before leaving their residence or going to bed.

NFA is conducting fire safety awareness during festivals, organized road shows  and displays and members of the community are urged to visit the NFA booth in such organized festivals and seek advice on measures to take to prevent the occurrence of a fire in their properties.

NFA is also conducting house to house awareness throughout Fiji and members of the communities are urged to allow NFA officers to enter their premises and to talk to them about fire safety. NFA officers will have ID Cards or will be travelling in the fire trucks.

“We are also conducting awareness on Saturdays and Sundays for church organized awareness programs.

Mr O’Connor advises communities and business owners to contact their nearest fire stations to make arrangements for fire safety awareness to be conducted at their workplace, residence and in community organized functions.


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