Fire safety (Fire Blanket)

Caption: National Fire Authority Chief Executive John O’Connor. Photo: FBC NEWS.

THE National Fire Authority (NFA) is again reminding members of the community to take fire safety seriously after attending to another property fire at Raiwasa in Suva on Sunday the 17th of February 2013 which resulted in a three bedroom corrugated iron and timber structured building being totally destroyed.

This fire incident brings to 22 the number of property and small fires attended by NFA.

Fire risk exists in all our homes as such a fire can happen in any of our properties at any time. We must therefore take fire safety seriously and not assume that a fire will not happen in our homes. A fire can happen in any of our properties if we do not take extra care and ensure that all possible ignition sources are always under control. Our priority is to always ensure that a fire does not start in our homes.

We must discuss fire safety with our families and conduct family evacuation drills.

NFA is also advising home owners to consider investing in the fire protection equipment which is an important investment in the protection against fires.

A Fire blanket is an important fire safety equipment that can be used in case of a fire.

NFA CEO John O’Connor highlighted that the increasing number of home fires is a concern to the NFA and advises home owners to invest in the fire protection equipment at home which will be very useful during a fire incident.

The NFA CEO said that apart from the fire extinguishers, another important fire safety equipment that could be kept and maintained at home is the Fire Blanket.

“Fire Blanket is made up of highly fire-resistant materials and is particularly useful to have at home to put out small fires.

“Fire Blankets can help in the quick extinguishment of a fire and prevent injury during a fire,” Mr O’Connor said.

“Fire Blanket is an important fire protection equipment which home owners can keep at home to put out small fires while the NFA fire team is on its way to the fire scene. These Fire Blankets can be stored near the cooking place in the kitchen.

How to use a fire blanket in case of a fire:

1.     Stay calm.

2.     Take out the Fire Blanket from the package.

3.     Hold the Fire Blanket handles and with both hands spread the Blanket and hold it up like a shield in front of you.  Be sure that your hands are protected by the blanket.

4.     As you approach the fire, place the Fire Blanket on top of the fire. Do not smother fire with force but allow the Fire Blanket to smother the fire.

5.     After smothering the fire, carefully remove the Fire Blanket from the origin of fire.

6.     Sometimes the Fire Blanket may be used several times, depending on the severity of the fire.

It is important to note the direction of the wind and always approach the fire with your back to the wind direction.

People can purchase a Fire Blanket from any fire protection consultant or agent or major supermarkets in the country.

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