Fire safety with the use of flammable liquids

National Fire Authority (NFA) advises people to store flammable liquids properly in their properties.

 NFA CEO, John O’Connor, said flammable liquids such as kerosene, benzene, diesel and etc can lead to a major fire and it is important that proper fire safety measures should be practiced all the time in the storage of these flammable liquids.

 “Majority of the people keep these flammable liquids at home or in their businesses, but they must be mindful that these products if  used properly or kept properly can lead to a major fire,” the NFA CEO said.

 Mr O’Connor highlighted that improper storage of flammable liquids have  caused fires in the past and we must learn from the past experience and ensure we store flammable liquids in a safe place.

 “Improper storage and handling of flammable liquids and materials have caused injuries in the workplaces, at home and have also led to a fire,” Mr O’Connor said.

 “Members of the community use kerosene in lamps and stoves and they must exercise care when filling kerosene lamp and stoves. We must never fill kerosene lamps or stove when the flame in the lamp or stove is still on. This is very dangerous and can lead to an explosion and cause a major fire.

 “Kerosene stoves and lamps must be put out before we fill them.

 “Benzene is usually used for benzene lamps. Members of the community must ensure the proper care is taken when filling benzene lamps.

 “Premix and other flammable liquids must be handled with care and stored safely.

 Flammable liquids produce ignitable vapors at higher temperatures and it is important that an extra care is taken with the storage of the flammable liquids.

 “Home owners must ensure that they keep these flammable liquids or any ignition sources out of children’s reach and also properly label and store it in a locked cabinet or in a safe storage area so that family members are aware of these and the risk associated with these flammable liquids,” Mr O’Connor added.

 People are advised to remember this important fire safety measures in regards to the flammable liquids:


Wise Use of Flammable Liquids

1. Never use such liquids near flames or a source of sparks.

2. Flammable/combustible liquids are kept in approved safety containers.

3. Flammable/combustible liquids are stored in an approved cabinet.

4. Safety storage cabinet vents ate clear of obstructions.


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