First Lady Raises Healthcare Funds & Promotes PNG – C.U.R.E. in Denver, United States

Caption:First Lady Lynda Babao O’Neill speaks to crowd of 1,800 at Denver, Colorado fundraiser benefiting Papua New Guinea’s hospitals and health centres.Photo:SUPPLIED.

Denver, Colorado, USA (press release) – Papua New Guinea’s First Lady, Lynda Babao-O’Neill represented Papua New Guinea as the featured guest at a signature function presented by global health non-profit Project C.U.R.E., thanks to support by the Papua New Guinea Tribal Foundation and ExxonMobil PNG Limited, the operator of the PNG LNG Project.Mrs. Babao was the keynote speaker at the Project C.U.R.E. First Ladies Luncheon on 5 November in Denver, Colorado.  The event is the largest philanthropic luncheon in Colorado and was attended by 1,800 of the State’s top business and community leaders.Attendees of the luncheon came to hear about Papua New Guinea, the keynote address by Mrs. Babao and most importantly to donate funds.  The proceeds from the luncheon will be dedicated to providing several medical containers to Papua New Guinea which will be filled with medical equipment and supplies.

The function is expected to raise approximately K4 million for hospitals, health centres, medical professionals and patients in Papua New Guinea.

Prior to the First Lady of Papua New Guinea’s presentation there were a number of brief speeches by two former First Ladies of Colorado, Ms. Michelle Hau’ofa, Director of Operations for the PNG Tribal Foundation and Ms. Meg O’Neill, vice president, ExxonMobil Production Company.

Mrs Babao’s speech highlighted Papua New Guinea, its healthcare opportunities and challenges, its economic drivers and she thanked the positive partnerships the PNG Tribal Foundation, Project C.U.R.E., and ExxonMobil PNG Limited have brought to the country.Mrs. Babao will work with The Papua New Guinea Tribal Foundation, ExxonMobil and the Department of Health to select healthcare facilities where the supplies and equipment are most needed.  Once the medical containers arrive in PNG, they will be managed by the PNG Tribal Foundation and its partners.According to GT Bustin, “We were proud to see Papua New Guinea represented so well in front of 1800 distinguished guests.

Mrs. Babao’s speech was outstanding and Tribal Foundation Board Member and Chief Operating Officer Michelle Hau’ofa did an amazing job introducing the work that the Tribal Foundation performs with all of our great partners.

This was a great opportunity to pull some of our significant partners together Children’s Hospital Colorado (who hosted the VIP reception for Mrs. Babao), Project C.U.R.E and Exxon Mobile.  The entire costs for the event, $100,000 USD, were underwritten by ExxonMobil.”

This is the first time that a First Lady of PNG has traveled to the United States in support of a major fundraiser focused on the needs of Papua New Guinea.

Project C.U.R.E.’s CEO, Dr. Douglas Jackson, was very pleased with the event and stated,” Project C.U.R.E. and our 1800 guests are honored to assist First Lady Babao in her vision to change the world for the people of Papua New Guinea.

Her speech was amazing and the people of Colorado are beyond impressed with Mrs. Babao and her passion for her country.  With our team from Tribal Foundation and ExxonMobil, the future looks bright because of this landmark day.”

This was one of a number of goodwill stops by Mrs. Babao across the state of Colorado, with various business and community groups.  These groups included speaking about education  at schools which are interested in partnering with schools in Papua New Guinea; the City Council and Mayor of Montrose, Colorado; and then with Childen’s Hospital Colorado senior leadership and board members regarding pediatric and maternal/fetal healthcare in PNG.

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