Thailand and PNG Consider Further Agriculture and Tourism Exchange

During the week of the APEC Economic Leaders Meeting the Prime Minister held a series of bilateral meetings with the Leaders of APEC Partner Governments.In meeting with Thailand’s Prime Minister, H.E. Prayut Chan-o-cha, the two Leaders explored opportunities in the areas of agricultural cooperation and considered ways for increased people-to-people contact between Thailand and Papua New Guinea.

Speaking after the meeting, the Prime Minister said the Thailand has significant experience in sectors where Papua New Guinea is expanding into greater export markets.“The relationship between Thailand and Papua New Guinea continues to grow with expanding trade and investment, and cooperation in areas such agriculture.”

The Prime Minister also noted that the diversity of Thai culture, from the costal areas and islands, to the inland areas, have some parallels to Papua New Guinea when it comes to tourism promotion.

“There are lessons our tourism industry could learn from Thailand’s experience in expanding their tourism sector.

“Thailand has created a vibrant tourism sector with that is known throughout the world.

“When tourists visit Thailand they have the opportunity to experience a diversity of Thai culture, and it is interesting to observe how they have marketed this to the world market.”

PM O’Neill said he invited Thailand’s Prime Minister to visit Papua New Guinea when the opportunity arises.

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