PS Information Sharon Smith.

Fijians are being urged to take all necessary precautions and make preparations as authorities continue to monitor current weather patterns.

Authorities have warned that a trough of low pressure continues to move towards the country bringing with it strong winds and heavy rainfall. This low pressure system is expected to produce both strong winds and cause flash flooding.

In light of this, Government is encouraging the public to make use of current fine weather conditions to carry out the necessary preparations.

The Ministry of Information permanent secretary Sharon Smith-Johns said that the public need to take weather advisories seriously.

“At this stage, most parts of the country are experiencing fine weather and we need to use this time to make the necessary preparations and not be complacent”, Smith-Johns said.

“We would like to remind the public that the weathers advisories issued from the weather office needs to be taken seriously because they can save properties and lives, so please don’t ignore them”

Meanwhile as the public carry out these precautionary measures, Government is urging Fijians to assist members of their communities especially neighbours that are elderly persons.

Those living in flood prone areas must secure livestock and be on alert for any updates calling for evacuation to higher grounds.

The public is advised to continue to monitor updates provided through media outlets around the country.


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