Inward Attention for Outer Success


Transcendental meditation ( T.M.) is the need of the time.It is the birth right of every individual to practise this technique and improve their lives for greater success in our endeavours, increased happiness, energy,  creativity and knowledge and live a life in complete harmony with Nature.This is because we all have these treasures within us .We were born with it as a gift from Nature.We only need to access them with the help of a  qualified trained teacher.

Life is not for living in problems, poverty, weaknesses,ill health,stress and silent suffering.The purpose of life is expansion of happiness and this is done through evolution which means rising to higher states of consciousness.At the moment we know only 3 states of consciousness – waking, dreaming and sleeping.There are 4 more states of consciousness we need to rise to and the TM technique is the means to do it easily ,comfortably and efficiently.

Meditation is not running away from life as it s commonly believed.It is for living more of life so that at every moment we are enjoying the good things that life offers.If life was meant to be for suffering life would not be running away from suffering;for example, if one becomes sick,one immediatey goes to a doctor because the need is to be free of the affliction.

If we wish to bring wonderful changes for our lives we need to go within and reach the greatest treasury that is available at the transcendental level ( the area deep within us).Just as the ocean has a surface and a depth so also  has the mind.The diver finds the pearls deep within the ocean,so we all need to dive deep within us to get to the treasury  which is the field of all possibilities for gaining whatever we desire for our material comforts.
Those wishing can access the website at and phone me on 6662324 or 9253606.The benefits of the technique can be seen from the first meditation which is easy,simple and natural.No effort is required which makes TM unique and result producing compared to other forms of meditation such as concentration or contemplation.Hundreds of research studiies have been done at top Universities to verify and validate the TM program for its effectiveness.

With kind regards and very best wishes,

Hassan Ali,
21 Vitogo Parade,

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