Nadi Football Launches Website

The Nadi Football Association has successfully launched its own website at a Corporate hosting for the Sponsors and Executive after the Fiji Fact Victory over Ba. The website is a new chapter in Nadi Football and shows progress and commitment under the leadership of Navneeda Goundar. The website was officially launched by Shop and Save Managing Director Babu Rattan Deo and Mr. Goundar say this is a very exciting time for Nadi Soccer and its fans adding further that when he took over the leadership he had promised fans and sponsor that Nadi soccer will reach new heights. With the establishment of its own Youth Academy that holds weekly Soccer clinics for kids from ages of 5 to 15, winning the Fiji Fact title and now with the launch of its own website Nadi FA is going places under his leadership The website will very dynamic with daily and weekly updates about the Nadi Soccer team, games updates, local league competition, Nadi FA Youth Academy progress and updates on players.

The website also has option for fans to become members and Nadi Fans from any part of the world can become a member and get access to exclusive things training and game videos and highlights, interviews of players and coaches, etc. This is a way for fans to contribute towards Nadi Football while at the same time get access to exclusive information about Nadi Football. The Nadi Football is pleading with fans to become members and help towards the success of Nadi Soccer.

The website will allow fans to interact with the Nadi Football Association and get the latest news and updates about all that’s happening with the Fiji Sun National Soccer League, major tournaments like the Vodafone Fiji Fact, Innk Mobile Battle of the Giants, Courts IDC, local club competition, Youth Academy and development schedules.


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