School embraces mEducation

Nausori High School is the first school in Fiji to receive 10 laptops with internet accessibility through the 50/50 policy by the Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation’s mEducation program to introduce digital literacy in schools.

The Principal, Praveen Chand said that “rural setting of the school had been a major obstacle for students to access modern learning facilities and get access to internet for education and research. “Inability to access latest information of various topics taught at schools had also been a challenge to the teachers as well. Now, all of these will change as destiny smiled on the school through the mEducation kit grant by the Vodafone Foundation,” said Mr. Chand.

Handing over mEducation kit, Shiu Nandan, a staff of Vodafone Fiji residing in the area stated that empowering rural schools through ICT technologies is something that Vodafone is seriously pursuing with the assistance of schools committees, parents teachers and the Ministry of Education.
“With each new gadget there is a huge leap towards the future as technology is expanding into new intellectual and commercial fields. A decade ago, only a few specialists knew what the internet was. Now, people are connecting to each other all over the world every minute by the thousands broadening their horizons and opening up new opportunities for learning and sharing. Hence, it is important for students in Fiji keep in par with the rest of the world,” said Nandan.
Technology is now bringing about a profound transformation in education. As online materials grow and flourish, we all need to think about how we can guide students through the wealth of information and techniques freely available and accessible online. Technology brings unprecedented opportunities for assessment. Teachers can now support pupils’ learning by assessing their progress in a much more sophisticated manner and provide timely feedback to students and their parents.
“We want to see a modern educational system with the use of technology to enhance schools, teachers and pupils. Schools can use technology in imaginative and effective ways to build the knowledge, understanding and skills that young people need for the future. Create a workforce through skilled students that can easily adapt to and welcome every new technological advancement, said Ms Ambalika of Vodafone Foundation Vodafone ATH Foundation has made available the mEducation-50/50 policy to support learning aids. Schools can raise 50% of the funds needed and the other 50% will be committed by Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation to support the project.  Interested schools are advised to contact the Vodafone ATH Foundation directly to get more details about the assistance.
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