Ocean of compassion

“Know that he who treats parents with due respect, follows the guru’s commands and honours guests is sure to attract prosperity and happiness.”-Shri Radhe Guru Maa


Mumbai.The guru has been equated with God in the Indian spiritual tradition. The grace of the guru benefits the ordinary neophyte as well as the Lion who walks the path of renunciation. Both categories of seekers reach their goals faster and more safely under the guidance of the guru. Such a guru is also considered indispensable for householders who seek a life of strength, prosperity and happiness. No wonder Kabir says he would bow to guru first if guru and God were to appear before him because were it not for the Guru, Kabir would not have realised God.


Sadgurus appear on earth to elevate mortals trapped in the snares of materialism. Such pious souls dedicate their lives to spreading the light of spiritual knowledge, unmindful of criticism and praise. Meerabai was one such soul. She never wavered and continued to spread the light of bhakti all her life despite attempts on her reputation and life. Mamtamai Shri Radhe Guru Maa is a guru in the same tradition of Sanatan Hindu dharma.


Even as a child, Radhe Guru Maa’s commitment towards speaking the truth, following dharma and self-control was complete and unwavering. Such signs marked her as a sadguru who would make a mark in the lives of millions. It was a matter of time before devotees began to be drawn to her as moths are to a fire. The fire, one of viveka, has helped many to discriminate the false from the true and build happy, productive and abundant lives. Her deep compassion for suffering being often finds expression in the tears that loll down her cheeks as she prays to Lord Shiva and his consort Maa Durga. She prays so her ishta devatas shower their grace on all who suffer. Guru Maa has discouraged construction of temples in her name and has said on numerous occasions said that her temples are in the hearts of her followers. Guru Maa asks her devotees to maintain distance from all evil thoughts, deeds and activities if one wishes to prosper in one’s personal and professional life. She says true success can only come to those who keep their parents happy and treat guests with honour.


Guru Maa says that those who pray, trust God and surrender unconditionally to Him become worthy of His grace. Guru Maa treats her poor as well as rich devotees with the same affection. Like Meera and Bhakt Prahlad, Guru Maa’s life is a living example of bhakti in action. A Vishal Bhagwati Jagaran will be organized every year on 3rd March on shri Radhe Maa’s birthday in Mumbai.


Mamtamai Shri Radhe Guru Maa is a living example of selfless bhakti that is the hallmark of the Sanatan Hindu tradition)

Sanjay Sharma Raj


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