Caption:- Staff of Outrigger on the Lagoon seen hosting the national flags of Australia, New Zealand and Fiji during the ANZAC Day celebration. Photos: MARGARET NAQIRI. For more pictures click here https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.293944700770563.1073741859.190626584435709&type=3



The management and staff of one of the leading resorts in Fiji, Outrigger on the Lagoon celebrated ANZAC Day by holding a Dawn Service in the early hours of the morning to reflect on Australia and New Zealand’s ongoing commitment to establish a peaceful society on Friday, April 25 at around 6.15am.

Guests present during the ANZAC Day ceremony

Guests paying their respects during the ANZAC Day ceremony

“Today is a special day when we remember all those, whether service personnel or civilians, who suffered or continue to suffer through war, this is also a day of thanks and quiet reflection on what wonderful, lucky nations we live in,” said general manager Peter Hopgood.

Mr. Hopgood added that he was thrilled to see many children present during the ceremony.

“In Particular we remember those who served in the Australian and New Zealand defence forces on active service from the Boer War to the current conflict in Afghanistan.

“We remember those who paid the supreme sacrifice so that we, and the people of the nations, can live in peace.

“We remember those who continue to suffer through their physical or mental scars, including those next of kin whose grief and sense of loss can never be eased.


Guest service manager Salote Bali with Returnee guest Deidre Callaghan of Christchurch, New Zealand

“To my Fijian family we thank you for allowing the Australians and New Zealanders present here today, the opportunity to honor our service personnel,” said Mr. Hopgood.

Deidre Callaghan of Christchurch, New Zealand who is also a regular visitor to Fiji also attended the ceremony to pay her respects to her Grandfather Albert Edward Luff who was one of the many who diligently served in the 23rd Battalion.


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