Week in review

The overall capitalisation of the market recorded an increase of 0.01% and stood at an aggregate amount of $834,255,849 at close of trading on Friday. Pleass Global Limited (PBP) was the only price gainer for this week rising 1.12% while other securities who witnessed trades but the share prices remained unchanged were; the market heavy-weight, Amalgamated Telecom Holdings Limited (ATH) and BSP Convertible Notes Limited (BCN). In terms of aggregate market statistics, 10,527 shares exchanged hands in five transactions this week accumulating $12,550 in value.

The market barometer, SPSE Total Return Index (STRI) saw an increase of 0.13% ending at a value of 2067.88. The rise in the market capitalisation weighted total return index is due to the price increase noted for PBP as well as due to a dividend return of 3.08% generated by Fijian Holdings Limited (FHL). The FHL shareholders will receive their share of dividends on 30th April 2014.

The new order flows for the market remained slow this week with an aggregate consideration of $34,973 being accumulated. New orders were recorded for BCN, FHL, ATH, PBP and FIL.

In terms of overall unexecuted orders on the e-trading order platform, the total shares on bid fell 0.20% while the total shares on offer rose 0.11%. The SPSE bid to offer ratio remained unchanged from prior week and closed at 1:2.

Radio conglomerate, Communications Fiji Limited (CFM) still ranks as the narrowest bid-offer margin security with a spread of $0.09 with the most lucrative bid placed at $4.00 with Fiji TV and RCF continuing to rank as the widest bid to offer margin securities with a spread of $1.00.

The SPSE market announcements platform recorded four market releases for the week with CFM submitting the company’s annual report. Kontiki Growth Fund Limited (KGF) released the company’s net asset value as at 31st March 2014. BCN concluded the week of announcements providing an update on one of its directors for parent company and also released the notice of annual general meeting for its parent company, BSP PNG.

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Jinita Prasad

Chief Executive


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