The Honourable Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts, Dr.Mahendra Reddy has advised all teachers, parents and students to plan worthwhile activities in these two weeks holidays.

For most parents and guardians, these two weeks holiday will certainly be a handful, as they think of ways and measures to keep their children away from mischief. For working parents, there will be concerns as to how they will engage their children in meaningful activities while the major part of their day is spent at the workplace.

Children will have to be supervised from dawn to dusk, from evening to morning. Home helpers or extended family members may be requested to help out.

“A suggested method to be considered while we enjoy the vacation with our children is planning daily activities. For the 6-13 year-olds, you might consider sitting them down and planning with them the next day’s activities. Include some fun activities and of course, you will have fun in your planning. For children who are 14 years and above, get them to write and give you their plan for the next day before they go to bed at night. Go through it with your child. You will certainly enjoy the bonding that will take place and not to mention the many compromises that will be reached,’ remarked the Minister.

“Just before or after your evening meal or devotion, go through the list of planned activities, praise your child for the completed tasks, and encourage them for the unattended ones. As children are engaged in their daily/evening activities, parents will know their whereabouts that will rid them of worries, anxiety, frustration and confusion of what to engage their children with while out at work. A trusting relationship between parent and child will eventuate and both will enjoy the bond formed,” commented the Honourable Minister.

“Children will be empowered to do tasks without being supervised every inch of the way and of course learn the values of loyalty and honesty. They will also learn and value planning as an integral part of any task, whether big or small,” concluded Honourable Dr.Reddy.


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