Police news :27.12.14


Progress report on overdue boat case

Two people who left Cicia Island bound for Nayau Island in the Lau Group have failed to reach their destination.

The two had left Mabula on Christmas morning and have still yet to reach their destination yesterday. The two a man aged 38 and a woman were supposed to reach Nayau an hour after leaving Mabula.

However when the boat failed to arrive even yesterday a report was lodged and a search will be conducted. Mariners are also requested to keep a look out for the 29ft white fibre glass boat and call Police if they locate the two.


Progress report for early Christmas morning blaze case.

 A 56 year old woman lost her farm house in a fire on Christmas morning. The property located at Bulileka was completely destroyed with its contents.

The cause of fire is not know at this stage and the cost of damage is estimated to be $6000.00. Fortunately no one was injured in the incident however we are once again pleading with property owners to be mindful of fire hazards that could be a serious safety threat.



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