The Fiji Police Traffic Control Division will be deploying all of its traffic men during this long weekend in an effort to achieving a fatal free weekend.

 Director Traffic Senior Superintendent (SSP) Mahesh Mishra says this is being done in anticipation of the number of activities that will be held around the country and their main focus will be the safety of the travelling public.

 “During the Easter long weekend we all know the number of activities that will be held around the country and we are anticipating an increase in the number of vehicle and pedestrian movement”.

 “Members of the public will be out visiting their family, attending to the various sporting activities as well as visiting the popular picnic spots and we will be out in numbers to ensure they are provided a safe environment to do so”.

 As such officers from the Traffic Control Division will increase visibility and be deployed to black sport areas, picnic spots and major highways as a deterrent for drivers who continue to disregard road rules.

 Enforcement will focus on speeding, unsafe drivers, carrying excess passengers and other running offences. Teams will also be out conducting Breathalyzer Operations and intensifying awareness on the fatal five.

The head of the Traffic Department is urging members of the public to help the Fiji Police maintain safety on our roads.

 Police are pleading with the public to be part of this iniative to keeping Fiji’s roads safe.


 A 23 year old man of Savusavu has been charged and bailed to appear next month for allegedly giving false information.

 On the 12th of this month the accused had reported that an unknown male had assaulted him and later damaged the windscreen of his taxi.

 Upon investigation it was revealed that the accused was involved in an accident whereby he had allegedly bumped a 27 year old school teacher resulting in the damaged windscreen.

 The accused has been charged with one count of giving false information and has been bailed to appear on 15/05/14.

 Meanwhile the file has been given to the Traffic Department to investigate the accident case whereby the accused had allegedly bumped the 27 year old school teacher.

 The issue of giving false information to police officers is a serious concern and members of the public must know that there are consequences before the law.

 Currently an investigation into similar cases of giving false information is being conducted in the Western Division whereby a man said he was allegedly assaulted by police officers which was later proved false.

He will be brought in for questioning soon.

 The Acting Commissioner of Police Ravi Narayan says members of the public must understand that time and resources can be better channeled when the right information is forthcoming.

 He adds a lot of time and effort is put in by officers in conducting an investigation and when a false report is lodged there’s also a lot of wastage of resources that could be better directed to real reports.

 The Acting Commissioner is therefore requesting members of the public to cooperate with officers during the course of an investigation.


 A 49 year old carpenter of Nawaicoba, Nadi who was a victim of an alleged serious assault case died at the Lautoka Hospital last night.

 Police say that 6 men have been brought in for questioning for their alleged involvement in the assault case which occurred on Monday, April 14 between 6-8pm.

 The initial  assault was reported at the Nadi Police Station when the victim was found lying injured at his house by his brother.

 It is alleged he was assaulted after being accused of practicing witchcraft.

 Investigations continue.


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