Two of the six men who were taken in for questioning for their alleged involvement in the murder of a 49 year old carpenter of Nawaicoba, Nadi have been released.

The two were released on Wednesday, April 16 while the four remaining suspects are being questioned by investigators.



In anticipation of the influx of people into all divisions the Fiji Police Force will be out in numbers to ensure the safety of the general public.

Chief Operations Officer Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Rusiate Tudravu says the usual last minute Easter rush is being anticipated at major towns and cities which will also provide an opportune time for criminal opportunists to act.

As such Assistant Commissioner Tudravu says all day workers from the various headquarters will supplement operational officers on the ground by engaging in some extra duties.

“We want ensure maximum visibility at all divisions during peak business hours and in peri-urban areas”.

“We are therefore requesting members of the public to assist us in making this long weekend a safe one and ensure the safety of their family is prioritized at all times”.

The head of the Fiji Police Operations says property must be well secured if one has plans to leave their homes vacant over this long weekend.

“If you’re intending to be away from home please ensure your homes are locked and inform your neighbor that your home will be vacant so that they will be able to report any suspicious activity happening at your premises”.

On the same note the Easter Weekend Operations will also ensure coverage at all picnic spots. To date the drowning death toll stands at 20 of which 7 victims were under the age of 10.

ACP Tudravu says close attention must be on our children and their movement at all times.

“Picnic spots will be very busy so if you’re intending on taking the whole family please keep a close eye on your children and be aware of your environment and any signs of danger”.

“This plea also extends to everyone in general as children will have a tendency to wander off or in the case if they decide to accompany their friends for a swim, please ensure they are accompanied by a responsible adult at all times”.

The Fiji Police Force would like everyone to enjoy an incident free Easter long weekend which is why we are issuing these advisories for the sake of everyone’s safety.



A man has been taken in for questioning at the Sigatoka Police Station for his alleged involvement in a hit and run incident early this week.

As investigators await tests to be conducted on the suspect’s vehicle we continue to plead with members of the public to come forward if they have any information that could further assist the investigation.

Meanwhile traffic officers from the Sigatoka Police are requesting the travelling public to be cautious during the upcoming long weekend.

This is particularly so for motorists travelling at night along the Coral Coast as they have noted an increase in movement of pedestrians who have been under the influence of alcohol.

Police are sternly advising those who are intending to indulge in alcohol are being advised to do so in a responsible manner.




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