Police officers to be out in full force during Coca Cola Games


Fiji Police Force is putting a number of operational phases into play to ensure the public gets to fully enjoy the spirit of this year’s Coca Cola Games.

They held their meeting this morning with the organizers where security measures have been formulated that will be looking into safety and security of more than 2,400 athletes who are expected at the two day meet.

The Director of Operations SSP Maritino Qiolevu who is overseeing the operations said the security aspect will not only be focused on the two days of competition.

“Officers have been tasked to visit the various camps and talk to students and teachers about safety tips and other important issues to be aware of,” he said.

Qiolevu confirmed that traffic officers will also be out and about to ensure smooth flow of traffic and crossing at the games venue.

“Motorists are advised to adhere to road rules, and PSV drivers are being asked to keep an eye on the waving of flags from their vehicles as it is a serious safety hazard to others,” he said.

The focus of operations will also stem to the monitoring of nightclubs where students in the past have been caught trying to get in after the games celebrations.

The Fiji Police Force would like to stress that those who are found misbehaving during the games will be dealt with according to the law.

Preventative measures are now being looked into as the Chief Operations Officer ACP Rusiate Tudravu has stressed for the event to be closely monitored and all efforts directed towards ensuring students have incident free games.

Fiji Police Force will be out in numbers to ensure the safety of more than 2,400 students that will be participating, and make sure their efforts are not marred by some who may be out to disrupt the games.



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