Fire destroyed Ba home

National Fire Authority (NFA) is reiterating its call for home owners to take extra care.

Six members of a family in Nataladake Village, Ba are now homeless after a fire completely destroyed their three bedroom corrugated iron and wooden structured house yesterday.

NFA Ba received the fire emergency call at 1515hrs and immediately responded to the fire emergency call. Upon arrival at 1520hrs, the house fully engulfed with flames.

Chief Executive Officer, John O’Connor, is again reminding people to take extra care.

“We must all take fire safety seriously since it is one of the most dangerous disasters,” Mr O’Connor said.

“We must discuss fire safety in our families so that our family members are aware of the dangers of a fire and what to do in case of a fire.

“NFA needs the support from the members of the community and we are urging members of the Community to be more vigilant and regularly check their homes on a daily basis and get rid of all things that can start unplanned fires in homes,” Mr O’Connor said.


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