Police Update- 9th May 2013

1. Fake Notes

A fake $10.00 note with serial number FFA0187079 was discovered in Lauwaki, Lautoka by a 39 year old businessman while he was serving customers.
The note has been seized for verification and investigations are continuing.

This brings a total of 19 cases of fake notes reported this year.

We are advising members of the public particularly businesses to be alert when handling money and report any suspicious transactions to your nearest police station or community post, or call 919 or 917.

2. Drugs

Police upon receiving information arrested 30 year old carrier driver of Korovuto, Nadi who was found in possession of illicit drugs – 70 small branch of dried leaves wrapped in newspaper and 10 sachets of dried leaves found inside the vehicle at the back of driver’s seat.

The suspect is kept in custody at Nadi Police Station for interrogation.



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