Restaurant opens in Koronivia community away from cities and suburb areas

Malhana Cloud Kitchen is a restaurant that has opened in a rural community which is away from major cities and suburb shopping malls in Suva to Nausori corridor. It is a very rare visibility for Fijians to find a restaurant situated in a community settlement for customers to dine in with different experience altogether but it has come to a reality after Malhana Cloud Kitchen has opened in Koronivia settlement close to Nausori, town.

Breakfast at Fiji one, Fiji’s leading television broadcaster had interviewed both director and head chef of the Malhana Cloud Kitchen for which interview video had been posted on Facebook page of Malhana Cloud Kitchen. Director, Joseph Inoke Deo, revealed that during Covid-19 lockdown his other businesses were moved to Koronivia settlement and on the same area he had a space which was very ideal for a restaurant to be opened. Malhana Cloud Kitchen was opened on the available space and this kitchen employed employees from surrounding community with different skill sets needed in a restaurant business. Customers can choose from vegan, gluten free, dairy free meal, vegetarian and non- vegetarian dishes. People with special diet requirement will be able to have their meals at Malhana Cloud Kitchen and these types of restaurant meal services had been lacking in the market in Fiji.

Head Chef, Ainsley Pita Fiu was fortunate to realize his dream of working close to home in Koronivia. Brought up in Koronivia Road, Nausori, worked at top resorts around the country with some of the best in the industry. He left home in 2002 and now back in Koronivia after the opening of MCK. 

Official Facebook page had secured 1.3k likes with multiple comments from guests recommending the kitchen.  Regular update of the Facebook page with photos of the guest portrays that venture into the rural community thrives well which nobody thought of before.


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