World renowned Aviation and Travel Blogger recommends Fiji Airways A350, as a tourist travel airline.

Famous aviation blogger Sam Chui has released his latest YouTube video that captures most parts of his experience while traveling to and in Fiji. Chui has around 3.13 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Since the sharing of his Fiji trip YouTube video, there have been over 668 thousand views and 983 comments made.

In the video, Chui says he had traveled to Fiji in 2012 on board the then Air Pacific, and that 12 years later, he traveled to the country on Fiji Airways, saying that the national airline has come a long way. The famous blogger admits that it was the aviation journey and travel photography that has lead him to visit Fiji nonetheless it was the people that really made him want to return for a longer stay.

He also took a river safari tour, where he, among other tourists, visited some villages along the Sigatoka River.  Chui then toured the new Fiji Airways Aviation Academy in Nadi. Chui also visited Savusavu and was captured with former President (Rtd) Major General Jioji Konrote while at the domestic departure lounge in Nadi.

Sam Chui published on his website that Fiji Airways A350 airbus is one of its kind, state of the art, luxurious, holiday travel airline and guest services on board the plane are fabulous.  He further reveals in his YouTube video that Fiji Airways had come from a medium to top end premium travel market. Chui says that his trip was short but super sweet and worth every dollar spent on his vacation in Fiji.


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