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Week in Review

The overall capitalisation of the market witnessed an increase of 4.52% this week and stood at a value of $789,897,033 at close of trading on Friday. Price gainers for the week were; Amalgamated Telecom Holdings Limited (ATH), VB Holdings Limited (VBH), Fijian Holdings Limited (FHL) and Future Forests (Fiji) Limited Convertible Notes (FFFN). On a further positive note, VBH is currently trading at its all-time high share price of $3.08. Paradise Beverages (Fiji) Limited (PBF) was the only security to record a price drop for the week while the share price for BSP Convertible Notes Limited (BCN) remained unchanged. In terms of overall trading, 30,405 securities exchanged hands in 31 transactions garnering an aggregate consideration of $73,170.

The SPSE Total Return Index (STRI) witnessed an increase of 4.55% and concluded the week at a value of 1906.39.

Together with the price variations for the week, the accumulation index witnessed a dividend return of 2.42% from Communications Fiji Limited (CFM) resulting in an overall increase. CFM shareholders will receive the $0.06 per share dividend on 3rd October 2013.

The new order flow for the week remained active with an aggregate consideration of $92,291 being recorded on the e-trading order platform. Majority of the orders were recorded for FHL and ATH. FijiCare Insurance Limited (FIL) and FMF Foods Limited (FMF) now rank as the narrowest bid-offer margin stocks with a spread of $0.08 with CFM now queuing as the widest bid to offer margin security with a spread of $1.27. In terms of overall unexecuted orders on the order platform, the total shares on bid decreased slightly by 0.25% with the total shares on offer also decreasing slightly by 0.61%.The SPSE bid to offer ratio closed the week at 1:3.

On the listed company market announcements platform, five announcements were recorded. ATH announced the payment of its final dividend of $0.03 per share. Fiji Television Limited (FTV) released the notice of its Annual General Meeting and also provided an update on the airing of English Premier League series on its platform. BCN declared an interim dividend of $0.1659 per share for the six months ended 30th June 2013 with Future Forests (Fiji) Limited concluding the week of announcements by providing an update on the commencement of milling and sale of Teak.

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Jinita Prasad

Chief Executive



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