Caption: Minister for Youth and Sports, Mr Viliame Naupoto with the youths from Yavitu Youth Training Centre.


More than 40 youth, who had undergone training at the National Youth Band Centre (NYBC) in Valelevu and the Yavitu Youth Training Centre in Kadavu for the past two years, graduated in Nasinu today.

The graduation ceremony marked the achievements of these youth who trained and learnt music at the NYBC while youths from Yavitu underwent training in agriculture and carpentry.

Speaking to them during their graduation ceremony was the Minister for Youth and Sports Viliame Naupto who encouraged them to “live their dreams and embrace the challenges the future might have for them”.

“The graduation today is the commencement of a new chapter and another step in your lives. Graduation is marking an achievement, marking certain point in your life, to mark dedication, hard work and perseverance and so graduation is a daily affair,” Mr Naupoto said.

“Every day you need to graduate because you are one day older, you would have done things that you’d never done before and be happy about it so my advice to you is that you should keep going. It is really a commencement for you today. It has to be a daily affair as you live your life.”

The ceremony today also saw the intake of 44 youths who will start their training in music at the NYBC from next week for two years.

Mr Naupoto urged them to face the struggles and learn to move forward.

“You should not have excuses. We don’t have an excuse not to do well in life. For those of you who are graduating today and for those who are coming as new intakes, tell yourselves that you do not have any excuse not to do well.

“Excuses are only used to cover up our weaknesses and failures. It is accepting it and learning from your mistakes, you will lift yourself. If you have difficulties in your way, it is not excuses that will solve them. You have to learn and move forward,” Mr Naupoto stressed.

Manager of the youth band, Sayasi Fuli said most of the youths that graduated today were school drop-outs, who had been given a second chance to develop their skills in what they were good at.

“Music is a talent and government has assisted the youths to develop their talent is this area so that they could earn a living out of this,” Mr Fuli said.

The two centres are fully funded by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.


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