Sun Mark Ltd wins Britain's most coveted prize for an unprecedented 5th consecutive year from Her Majesty the Queen

CAPTION: Sun Mark Limited founder Dr Rami Ranger. Photo: THE BUSINESS MAGAZINE.

Sun Mark Ltd has won Britain’s most coveted business award from Her Majesty the Queen, The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in International Trade, for an unprecedented 5th consecutive year. This is a unique achievement as no other British company to date has won five consecutive Queen’s Awards and achieved this in competition with the very best in British business.

For Sun Mark Ltd to win this accolade in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and now again in 2013 means that its name will be set in stone as being the only company to have won five consecutive Queen’s Awards for Enterprise and this achievement will remain in the business history books forever.

The criteria set by the Queens Award Office are very high as they state that any company receiving this honour must show “an outstanding achievement resulting in substantial growth in overseas earnings, sustained over a minimum period of 3 years or more”. Sun Mark has now received its fifth consecutive Queens Award by demonstrating beyond doubt that the company’s business ethos is sound, especially in these challenging economic conditions when it is has become increasingly difficult to grow businesses.

Sun Mark has been able to increase its sales, profitability and international reach because it believes that ‘a hidden talent is no talent’. To expand sales and improve performance, the Sun Mark team has been exhibiting its extensive range of products across the world in destinations including China, USA, Malaysia, Canada, India, Dubai, France, Singapore, Germany and more. It is now exporting its products to over 110 countries and is pleased to report that sales continue to grow in double figures.

Sun Mark’s founder and chairman, Dr Rami Ranger MBE, FRSA, believes that personal and social responsibility go hand in hand with corporate success and he is a supporter of the Prime Minister’s Big Society vision for Britain. He is a strong advocate of putting back into the community from where we gain so much. He is a Fellow of the Princes Trust and works to inspire the youth of today with his life story; that anything is possible with the right attitude and approach to life. He believes the best way for anyone in business to serve Britain is to create wealth and employment by exporting products at a time when our economy needs to grow and when exports are the solution.


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