USP Students and staff safely evacuated

CAPTION: Firefighters at work to put out the fire in USP at the  Lecture Room. Photo: NFA.

The National Fire Authority was alerted to a fire around 12.45 this afternoon at the University of the South Pacific’s Laucala Campus, in Suva.

Quick action was taken by the USP in alerting the National Fire Authority who responded in time to ensure that no one was harmed, and staff and students were effectively evacuated from the premises.

The Director of Properties and Facilities, Adish Naidu said an investigation will take place.

“It is too early to establish anything at the moment, but everyone is safe and we are looking into it,” he said.

A lecture was in progress at the time, but everyone in the building was safely evacuated and there was no immediate danger.

The National Fire Authority will provide a report in the next couple of days.


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