Transformational training crucial for a successful team: Tappoo Group

THE graduation of 18 Tappoo staff this evening is the culmination of a strategic transition to strengthen Tappoo’s most important asset, its workforce.

The most significant transition is the creation of a fully-resourced human resources department outfitted with its own training facilities to ensure that the Tappoo culture of excellence is imparted to its staff at all levels.

Tonight’s graduation of the first group of Leaders to undergo the Leadership Development Programme is the result of the Tappoo Group’s foresight to ensure a strong and capable workforce steeped in the Tappoo culture.

“Having great leadership skills is very essential in this challenging business in which we deal with the local and tourist markets,” Tappoo Group Training Manager Altaab Khan said.

“One of the key features in the training programme was learning to be pro-active rather than reactive. The Tappoo Group believes in being the best in everything it does. We want to be the providers of quality service and products and believe that this can only be done through a well-trained team.”

The transformational training in leading self, leading teams, communication and exceptional customer service was designed following a development-needs assessment conducted by the HR department.

All 18 participants graduating tonight are supervisors or managers in Tappoo’s retail business.

“The training has equipped participants with the skills to better handle people, motivate them, build more technical skills in them and to fairly and promptly make decisions for the betterment of the organisation,” Khan added.

“We are continuously in the process of moving from great to excellence. Training has always been an important part at Tappoo. In the past most of the trainings was conducted by external trainers. It is now delivered more consistently after the formation of its in-house training department.”

The Tappoo Group employs about 550 staff in its direct retail sector.


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