Troops lend muscle to Queensland's flood recovery

CAPTION: Army heads to Bundaberg for flood recovery

Queensland’s second highest ranking police officer has been appointed to lead the flood reconstruction effort around Bundaberg.

Deputy Commissioner Brett Pointing will head the state’s disaster authority, after floods swept across the east coast, leaving a trail of destruction and a damage bill of nearly $200 million.

Six people are known to have died in the state’s flood disaster, after the bodies of two farm contractors were discovered in the Lockyer Valley yesterday.

Major Pat O’Neil says 180 soldiers are in Bundaberg while a smaller team was sent to Gayndah. A third group was dropped off at Burrum Heads on the Fraser Coast.

“They’ve already been out there with chainsaws. They’re staying at the local caravan park,” he said.

“So they’ve been welcomed by the community and we’re already working with the community and the council and other services and everybody’s really pleased to be working together and its going well.”

-ABC NEWS(Australia)

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