PS Industry and Trade and Tourism Mr Shaheen Ali with other potential investors from USA and Government officials.

Fiji has the best business and investment climate with stable macro-economic environment conducive for private sector development and industrial growth.

This was the message to potential investors from the United States of America by Fiji’s Ministry of Industry and Trade permanent secretary, Mr Shaheen Ali as he outlined the achievements by Government made possible through massive reforms.

“The Fijian Government, through these reforms, has created a sense of nationhood amongst all Fijians – a nation poised to realize its destiny as a modern and dynamic economy in the Pacific and be the hub of the Pacific,” he said.

Mr Ali said there has never been a better time to do business in Fiji as it now enjoys a thriving, democratic, peaceful and politically stable environment.

“Over the past eight years, Fiji has been determined to chart its own course, implementing a wide-ranging series of reforms – social, economic, political, and constitutional for the benefit and wellbeing of all Fijians.”

The Government, he said, was committed to its policy of developing new markets and forging new trade relationships and re-engagement with its traditional development partners like the US, to create new trade and investment opportunities.

Mr Ali said this is against a backdrop of unprecedented positive growth for the last five years, which was revised upward to 4.6 per cent in 2013, with a similar figure expected in 2014.

“The Bainimarama Government went to great lengths to create a stable and conducive business environment and also policies that encourages growth and development. Fiji offers the best corporate tax rate, streamlined income tax and tax free regions offering up to 20 years tax free benefits,” he said.

This is backed other conditions conducive to investment such as availability of land is available for investment with long-term lease and the removal of the minimum investment requirement of $250,000.

A potential investor, Mr Rocky Ali Buksh, who owns The US Fiji Times, said the business climate in Fiji is very attractive to former Fijians like him who have always wanted to give something back to the country of their birth.

The former Fijian left for US in 1977 and has operated the monthly publication for the last 15 years in California which is home to around 70,000 Fijians.

“I have spoken to a lot of investors who are now keen to invest here now that a stable Government is in place. Personally, I have a few properties in Suva that I would like to invest and develop into a business,” he said.

The two day seminar- 2014 USA Inbound Mission to Fiji is jointly organised by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Investment Fiji.



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