Vodafone Fiji Assists Uni Student for Kidney Transplant


Vodafone Fiji’s Financial and Reporting Manager, Mr. Ravendra Chand and Vodafone Fiji Foundation became the hope for 25 year old University student in need of kidney transplant.

Madhunesh Lal, FNU Labasa Campus student was diagnosed with hypertension, normocytic anemia and end stage kidney disease due to chronic glomeronephritis. Because of the nature of the treatment and medical attention required, he is scheduled for a kidney transplant operation in India.
The Lal family could not take Madhunesh to India due to financial constraints. Their prayers were finally answered after one of the Vodafone Fiji employees took the initiative to assist the family.
Ravendra Chand, the Manager Financial Accounting & Reporting, came to aid the Lal family by initiating a collection drive to help assist with the medical trip. With the help of other passionate Vodafone staff and his outside network, was able to collect $1,445.
Vodafone Fiji Foundation contributed $1,000 to further assist the initiative of the Vodafone. Foundation Executive, Ambalika Devi said that “the foundation always recognizes the efforts of the employees in assisting the needy members of our communities”.
Receiving the cheque with Madhulesh, his mom could not control her tears. Mrs. Lal’s tears said a lot while she thanked Vodafone’s employees for assisting the family in their time of need
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