World leading water service provider to install WAF plants


Caption:(L –R) Mr Didier Gaujous, CEO, CDE, Mr Opetaia Ravai, CEO, WAF and Mr Didier Vallon, Chairman, CDE.Photo: SUPPLIED.

A world-leading water service provider has successfully tendered for the contract to install two
modular water treatment plants – one in Ba, the other in Tailevu.

Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) CEO, Mr Opetaia Ravai, said that DEGRAMONT, a subsidiary
of multinational company, SUEZ Environment, is expected to begin construction of the
two water treatment plants later this year.

SUEZ Environment is a world-leading water service provider, with more than 200,000 employees
world-wide and an annual turnover of some €15billion.

Mr Ravai and three WAF engineers have recently returned from New Caledonia, where they
inspected the same type of plant installed by SUEZ Environment for Calédonienne des Eaux (CDE),
the New Caledonia Water utility.

“The CDE engineers both build and operate the water treatment plants of the type to be constructed
in Ba and Tailevu, making it an ideal opportunity for us to inspect and clarify the technical details
with the experts,” said Mr Ravai.

The invitation to visit New Caledonia was extended to Mr Ravai by the CEO of CDE and was
timed to coincide with the visit to New Caledonia by the Chairman of CDE, and was “an honour
for us,” said Mr Ravai.

“As Suez Environment is a recognised multinational company able to exercise large economies
of scale, it is advantageous for WAF to be aligned with such a company in terms of water
and wastewater systems, its suppliers and operators, with 24 hour access to the expertise of
scientists and engineers, world-wide.”


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