Minister for Health and Medical Services, Hon. Jone Usamate revealed on Wednesday February 18, government’s intentions to review the 20 year vision of Yanuca Declaration of healthy islands.

Mr Usamate made the announcement in his address to the ‘Heads of Health’ meeting which is being  held at the Grand Pacific Hotel.

“This very meeting is designed to prepare for the Health Minister’s meeting, where we will be reviewing how far or how short, we have come over the past 20 years, and talk about our visions for the years to come and importantly also how to get there, and how we will know that we are getting there,” Mr Usamate said.

“This will be an important meeting as we reach 20 years of the Yanuca declaration of the healthy islands vision. We need a good strong Health Vision for our islands.”

Mr Usamate highlighted the need for a comprehensive and  whole- government multi-sectoral policies and strategies for the prevention and management of diseases, including strengthening of health systems for sustainability, ways to make sure all people are covered in health activities, people have access to medical and drug supplies and to make sure that people are educated about health.

He acknowledged organizations that have assisted in facilitating health needs which included the World Health Organization, Secretariat of the Pacific Community, Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, Pacific Islands Development Forum, UN agencies, and governments of Australia, New Zealand, USA, France, Japan and China.

The Heads of Health Meeting will continue over the next 2 days and is a build-up to the Pacific Health Ministers meeting – scheduled for April 2015 in Yanuca at the Fijian Hotel.




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