The Minister for Youth and Sports Viliame Naupoto has encouraged the students of Bhawani Dayal Arya College to become leaders not just at school, but in society in general.

Officiating at the school’s pass out parade today, the Minister also paid special tribute to the female students who outnumbered the male students at the event.

In his speech, Naupoto commended the 189 students for the training that they received despite the difficulties they faced.

“You had to work hard but above all you never gave up otherwise you wouldn’t be standing where you are standing now he said”.

Naupoto highlighted that “dedication, hard work, being a good listener, learning from your mistakes, and perseverance are the characters of the champions.”

“We are not only champions in sports but we are champions in schools, home and in our community where the characters of champions are those that you had exercised. You have passed out as champions and please remain champions throughout,” said Naupoto.

“Cadet training gives kids at a young age an opportunity to have an understanding of what is within them that will carry them throughout,” he added.

The Principal of the College, Mr Sunil Arya’s message to the cadets was “the discipline you have learnt must go down to your studies and at home”.




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