36 inducted in Nadi airport school


Caption:Newly inducted year 7 and 8 prefects after receiving their well earned achievements.Photo:Salote Qalubau


Despite gloomy weather conditions parents and loved ones of Nadi Airport School turned up in numbers to support their children who were inducted as honorary school prefects on Friday February 13.

“The badge that you will wear is not a uniform decoration nor is it given to increase the size of your ego. It is a matter of responsibility and action, the task may seem difficult and trying sometimes but not impossible,” said Chief Guest and President of the Parents and Old Scholars Association Tui Valentine.

Newly inducted Head boy Christian Elaise said he felt proud and honored and credited his achievements to his mother and family.

Students were urged to work as a team in terms of assisting their other counterparts and in the process balancing their studies as academic results remained a crucial aspect at the end of the year.

“I’m shocked and also happy that I got this opportunity to lead the children and I’m looking forward to inspiring younger children so that they can become leaders later on in their lives.For my success today I’d say probably my teachers, my parents and my friends were the main people behind it all as they are always motivating me to study and do better,” said Head girl Kathleen Leveston.

Mrs. Valentine further advised the students that their new roles were a great platform for grooming them to be future leaders and for them to carry out their duties in fairness, honesty and love as they would now be assisting the teachers in overseeing and close to 558 students and instilling discipline within the school.

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