Another bus company goes WiFi

THERE will come a time when WiFi in buses will be as common as public buses themselves. Today, regardless of whether you are travelling on the Queens or Kings Road, wireless internet is now available in certain buses.

Intercities, which services the Kings Road is the latest bus company to introduce Foneology’s Bus WiFi in their buses.

“Buses move people, it is of course a natural digression that buses move with time as well,” Intercities director, Arun Lal Said.

“To be competitive, we need to offer excellent services for our passengers, in particular for those that are travelling long distances.”

“We started the WiFi service in one bus as a trial and with excellent results we then had it installed in two more buses. We are now planning to have it installed in all our buses over the next couple of months”

Foneology Managing Director, Mr James Trusler said Intercities is now part of a number of bus companies who have opted to add value to their services by offering WiFi for passengers.

“There is a reason why people sometime opt for other types of transport and it is largely due to the length of time it takes to reach a destination,” Mr Trusler said.

“If you add WiFi, people will have something to occupy themselves with until they reach their destination.

“By catching a bus with WiFi, you are still connected to your offices, you can still have time to finish your assignment if you are a student or you can still keep in touch with your families as you are travelling.

“Even a tourist who does not have roaming on his or her smartphone can contact families and friends abroad through the internet connection.

“He or she can share their road trip experience through Facebook. That is in a way free advertising of our country and the tourism industry.”

“Bus companies are now going a step further by having GPS vehicle tracking, e-ticketing and now WiFi connections,” Mr Trusler said.

Foneology in partnership with Vodafone offers a WiFi solution specially designed for buses. The company also specialises in GPS Vehicle Tracking, e-ticketing, CCTV and is the Authorised Warranty Service Centre for Alcatel, Aspera, Motorola, Samsung and Sony Mobile.

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