FNPF warns against obtaining funds through fraudulent means

The Fiji National Provident Fund has warned members that it will prosecute those attempting to defraud the Fund in regards to their withdrawal applications.

“Falsifying documents is a felony under the FNPF and the Crimes Decree and the Fund will ensure that anyone attempting to defraud the Fund is prosecuted,” said FNPF Chief Executive, Aisake Taito (pictured).

“Members should also be aware that the Fund has strict verifications procedures to check all details submitted to FNPF for withdrawal purposes and any attempt to tamper with these procedures will be dealt with in the most appropriate manner.”

The stern warning follows the completion of investigation on three cases of fraud, related to falsifying claims in an attempt to withdraw money from the Fund.

Two of the cases involved members who had migrated overseas claiming that they had not withdrawn their FNPF funds. However, following further investigations, it was found that these members had already withdrawn on migration grounds.

In the third case, a spouse applied to withdraw her husband’s funds whom she claimed had passed away in 2000. According to FNPF records, her husband had withdrawn in 2008 and that documents held by the wife were falsified.

Mr Taito said FNPF has adequate application screening procedures to ensure that members’ hard earned savings are protected.

“We ask our members to always keep up to date with their transactions to avoid unnecessary complaints such as those we dealt with recently.”

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