Caption: Hon. Assistant Minister for Health and Medical Services Mrs Veena Bhatnagar with Ba hospital board of visitors.Photo:SUPPLIED.

The Hon. Assistant Minister for Health & Medical Services Veena Bhatnagar met with the Ba Mission Hospital Board of Visitors to discuss improvements to the exiting hospital.

During the meeting with the Ba Board of Visitors, she said that it was important that whilst the new Ba hospital commences with construction, it is important that the current hospital is not neglected.

“Patients flock to the Ba Mission Hospital for health services. We will be looking at making minor improvements to the current structure so that people are comfortable accessing health services here.”

The Assistant Minister discussed space issues, cleanliness and staffing issues with the Ba Board of Visitors and strategic ways to further improve these areas as well the Ba Mission Hospital infrastructure.

The Ministry of Health will also be looking at increasing the establishment of doctors at the Ba Mission Hospital to cater and service the large population.

At a separate consultation held in Ba, the Ba Advisory Councillor Mr Mukesh Chand thanked the Government for the work carried out to improve Fiji’s health care system.

“I thank the Government and Ba Chamber of Commerce on the development and work towards the new Ba Hospital”.

The need to improve the toilet facilities at Ba Mission Hospital was highlighted whilst the new hospital was being constructed. Apart from this, Mr Chand acknowledged the hard work that doctors were currently doing and requested if more doctors could be based at Ba Mission Hospital to assist with the overload of patients.

“I also request for the pharmacy to also consider opening during the weekends to decrease waiting time for patients seeking medicines,” Mr Chand said.

The Assistant Minister thanked Mr Chand for highlighting these issues. “We remain committed in ensuring health service delivery is improved”, Mrs Bhatnagar said.



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