Family of Hanuabada victim says community angry at PNG police


Caption: Police Commissioner Geoffrey Vaki addressing the local

Locals say police fired indiscriminately into a crowd of men, women and children after a dispute between betel nut sellers and council officers.

Angry Hanuabadans are maintaining roadblocks around the village, one of which blocks the road to the PNG LNG plant site outside the capital.

Dadi Toka Jr is a prominent Hanuabadan and is also the uncle of one of the men killed in the shooting, 29-year-old Toka Gaudi.

He says people are still angry and some are reluctant to allow police back into the village to investigate the scene of the shooting.

Police Commisioner Jeffrey Vaki addressed the local media a short time ago.

And PNG’s top bureaucrat Chief Secretary Manasupe Zurenuoc has condemned the shooting.

In a statement he says it’s becoming a common trend that police officers overlook their standing orders while executing their duties.

Mr Zurenuoc says he’ll be convening a meeting of the Special National Security Advisory Council to discuss unacceptable police behaviour.


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