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An initiative of the Outrigger on the Lagoon . Fiji’s executive team saw management staff embarking on a fitness and wellness regimen that culminated in a $1000 award for The Biggest Winner.

 The 12 week program began on January 14 after staff from the Sigatoka Hospital carried out physical check-ups which included a blood sugar test, blood pressure, weight and height test and a BMI calculation as well as providing dietary advice.

 A total of 35 management staff enrolled in the program which ran for 12 weeks and rewarded participants with $5 for every kilo lost while the individual with the highest percentage of weight loss for any week received $100.

 The resort’s Activities Attendant Sepesa Leweniqila, a certified physical trainer, put together a different workout program every month with a weigh-in held every Monday to determine the winners for the week.

 At a recent awards function, Ms. Tepola Natadra, Executive Housekeeper was named the Biggest Winner and received the first prize of $1000.

 Teploa said she had not joined the program for the money but for a complete life change. She said it had not only made a difference to her life but also to her children’s.

Outrigger Biggest Winner_Tepola Natadra

   Outrigger Biggest Winner_Tepola Natadra

Tepola’s initial weight was 96 kg and she lost a total of 14.45kg  taking her new weight to 81.55kg, a reduction in her body fat of  15 per cent.

  Third place went to Apikali Matakisalia (Salon Manager) who  received a buffet dinner for two and second place to Aliti Delailoa  (F&B Outlet Manager) who won a night’s accommodation and breakfast for two plus a one hour spa treatment.

Collectively the 35 managers lost a total of 182.6 kilograms during the program.


Outrigger on the Lagoon . Fiji’s General Manager Peter Hopgood said that the most gratifying result of the initiative was the decision by a number of managers to continue the program after its conclusion and increase their fitness levels even further.

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