Police news updates: 9.05.14

Tragic Suva bus stand accident case progress report

The bus checker accused of causing the death of a woman and her child earlier this week has been charged.

The accused has been charged with two counts of manslaughter and will be produced at the Suva Magistrates Court on today.

Nadi bound passengers escape death

Passengers travelling on a bus heading towards Nadi escaped injuries after an accident yesterday afternoon.

The incident occurred at around 4.45pm on Denarau Island when the driver of the 25 seater bus failed to negotiate the roundabout near the main gate and crashed into a flower bed before hitting a retaining wall.

The 22 passengers and the driver luckily escaped injuries.

Meanwhile in a separate incident a 48 year old bus driver while driving to the Nadi Bus stand bumped a concrete post near the Nadi Market after failing to negotiate a bend.

No passengers were onboard when the incident occurred at around 3.40pm.

Police say that both drivers allegedly brakes and steering had failed resulting in the two accidents; however an inspection will be carried out by a Land Transport Authority examiner to determine the cause of accident.

As investigations continue police are urging bus operators and drivers to conduct constant checks on their buses to avoid such accidents which could prove to be fatal.


The Fiji Police Force is once again pleading with members of the public to avoid resorting to violence as a means of solving problems.

This is particularly so for those in relationships, as for the last 24 hours four cases were recorded from around the divisions. What continue to stand out is the parties of those involved and these cases are mostly between married couples.

In three incidents recorded in the Southern Division all the suspects had allegedly assaulted their wives following arguments over either money or something trivial in nature which could have been solved in an amicable manner.

Similarly a case recorded in the Western Division saw a 37 year old man allegedly assault his de-facto wife after arguing over the use of some money.

This continues to be a trend where in the previous 24 hours two cases was also recorded in the Southern Division whereby the accused’s who are now facing their actions before the courts had allegedly assaulted their partners.

While police acknowledge that there are other incidents that go unreported, we continue to plead with members of the public to adopt a change of mindset when it comes to dealing with their problems.

Assault cases continue to be recorded on a daily basis and it is worrying to note that despite numerous awareness campaigns on the need to respect our women, it continues to fall on deaf ears.

There continues to be a zero tolerance policy when dealing with such matters and all cases will be investigated thoroughly and brought before the courts to be dealt with.

Police continue to ask for a change in attitude as a few minutes of one losing their temper could result in the separation of families which is something the Fiji Police Force does not want to see happening.









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