Caption: Officers from the Eastern Division during the Constitution Awareness workshop at the two day Boot camp at Natelaira Village.


“We have to get the basics right”.

This was the message to senior officers of the Eastern Division who spent the past two days in a boot camp at Natelaira Village in Tailevu.

This is also in line the Commissioner of Police’s intent and the 2013 theme of improving the organization by lifting the standard of service delivery by getting systems and process right.

In addressing the participants  during the two day Boot Camp, Director of Operations SSP Tito Elo called on the officers to get the basics right.

“This is the year of plugging the gaps through systems and processes and that’s an area we’re continuously failing in everyday”.

“When we fail to get the basics right especially with how we conduct our investigations from the time a report is lodged to the investigation process we will continuously get complaints”.

On the same note SSP Elo challenged the participants to be bold leaders and make better informed decisions.

“Those of you sitting here are in a position of leadership so we expect you to make decisions that will benefit not only your operations but the overall organization”.

“However what we are finding is that decisions are being made in a casual manner without much thought and ultimately affects our operational effectiveness”.

The two day boot camp is being implemented by each Division and Unit with the aim of up-skilling police officers.

However the Commissioner of Police believes the organization is still falling short in critical areas of operation by not executing the basics right in as far as systems and processes is concerned.

“Members of the public have high expectations when they come to us with their reports and we have a duty to serve them with the highest level of professionalism irrespective of how trivial the matter is”.

“Our customers deserve the best and all of you sitting in this room are in a position of ensuring they receive the best through your officers on the ground, so don’t be afraid to do the right thing”.

The boot camp ends today.

Meanwhile as part of the two day Eastern Division Boot Camp program, senior officers went through an awareness session on the 2013 Constitution.

Conducted by the Fiji Police’s Director Legal SP Sakeo Raikaci at Natelaira Village, Tailevu, the awareness session is in line with the Commissioner of Police’s intent on ensuring all officers are well versed with Fiji’s supreme law.

“Our work revolves around the law so there’s no excuse for a police officer not knowing the 2013 Constitution as it ultimately affects our everyday work and you and I as custodians of law now have a major responsibility to know this document thoroughly”.

The Commissioner of Police and senior officers from around the Division held a similar Constitution Awareness workshop last week facilitated by former High Court Judge Madam Nazhat Shameem.

In attendance were Chief Officers, the Command Group, Divisional Police Commanders, Divisional Crime Officers, Officers in Charge, Station Officers and crime officers.

Reiterating the Commissioner’s intent, SP Raikaci said members of the public will also expect a lot from police officers.

“When you’re in uniform, members of the public expect you to know about the Constitution and it will not be a good image if we get asked questions on the streets and we don’t have an answer”.

“Study the Constitution thoroughly because this is now Fiji’s supreme law, so the onus is also on you as leaders to go back and ensure officers in your unit also know this document”.

Similar Constitution awareness workshops will be held throughout the Division and Units in the coming weeks.



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