Workshop on NCD’s by Youth Group in Nadi

Caption: Participants from the Malawai Youth & Sports Social Project and members from the Ministry of Health Nadi, during the NCD workshop settlements at the Malawai Methodist Church Hall in Votualevu, Nadi.


Wednesday – 11 September, The Malawai Youth & Sports Social Project (MYSSP) of Votualevu, Nadi organized an NCD Workshop to target at Youths & Women in partnership with the Ministry of Health, in Nadi.

While facilitating the workshop which was followed by voluntary medical screening to participants and members of the Votualevu community and settlements at the Malawai Methodist Church Hall in Votualevu, Nadi.

A total of 40 participants attended this half day workshop with well balance of 20 Female & 20 Male participants.

Participants who attended the workshop were from Malawai/Carrerras/ATS Nacava and other parts of Votualevu who were empowered to raise awareness in their community and most importantly their homes.

Project Adviser for MYYSP and President for the Nadi District Council , Jioji Cakacaka said,” MYYSP is the first youth group in Nadi and even the Western Division to request the Ministry of Health to conduct NCD workshop specifically target at youths including women.”

“Focusing on NCD awareness at youth level will make an impact at reducing number of NCD patients rather than addressing it at adult level, which is also in line with MDG’s 2015,” added Mr Cakacaka.

Leba Ledua 21yrs, female from Votualevu settlement said, “ I thought that NCD is a hereditary disease, but now I know that it is cause by what you eat & lifestyle you choose to live.”

The workshop has bought a lot of change in the community and the MYSSP hopes to organize more NDC awareness workshops for their people and urges more youths of the community to take part in such workshops.

Meanwhile, the MYSSP has voluntarily to offer its support as advocacy for NCD to the youths and community of Nadi District before going at the national level.

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