Caption: Hon Tuitubou at Vuinadi village.Photo:SUPPLIED.

The youth and elders of Koroalau district in Cakaudrove were elated over the Minister for Youth and Sports Hon. Laisenia Tuitubou’s visit to the district on Thursday.

The youth of six villages and three settlements gathered at Vuinadi village on Wednesday this week to meet the Minister and his officials for a talanoa session.

“The last minister or senior government official to set foot in Koroalau was former Governor General and Tui Cakau Ratu Sir Penaia Ganilau and that was almost half a decade ago according to our elders,” said Jasa Kadivuka of Vuinadi village.

“We are elated over his coming and it is so humbling to host a Government Minister in our village,” added Kadivuka. “His advice to the young people is timely and we will cherish it and work harder towards becoming better citizens.”

The Hon. Minister was accorded a traditional ceremony of welcome at Vuinadi village by the elders and youths of the district of Koroalau.

“We have been visiting youths around Fiji since November last year to listen to their plights, needs and if possible provide timely solutions and advise,” said Hon. Tuitubou to the youths in Vuinadi on Thursday.

“We have visited the western division and just recently returned from Kadavu and have had fruitful discussions with youths in these areas,” said the youth minister.

During these visits, the Minister is accompanied by his permanent secretary and the director which he said “is to fast track decision making especially for interventions and assistance to youths in rural and maritime areas.”

The Minister was in the northern division this week meeting communities including youth groups and elders. The visit is part of efforts by Government to strengthen youth development especially in rural and maritime communities across the country.




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